Catto Club

Flowers & Fatal

  Innocent flowers differ strikingly from Fatal clutch!
The magical togetherness of the contrasts.

Catto & Catto was born out of art!

Catto & Catto brand was born out of Efsun Gunes's art exhibitions.
She got her arts degree at İzmir High School of Arts and BA degree on Advertising and Graphic Design from Bilkent University Faculty of Arts & Design. For 15 years she's been concept and brand image creator of world known brands like Harvey Nichols, Nike, Levi's, Vodafone, Shell etc... She won so many design awards both in Turkey and abroad. She is now designing for Cattoman with her designer partner whom she completed her education with. They are the cat lovers, they believe that cats are the magnificient creatures with their king spirit...

Hey i see you!

Fatal Lunetics come after you, chase you and haund you. Sooner or later you'll surrender!

That we call earned respect!

Sir Winston Churchill is always known for having a rather fiery temperament and being a very determined man but he absolutely adored cats.